We’re upgrading the RIX Wiki to give you even more features 


More speed – Our software is getting a serious speed boost and your Wiki will load much faster. 

More personalisation – You'll be able to choose from new colour themes to reflect your own style. 

Easier to use – You'll notice small changes that make your Wiki even easier to use. Easily create new sub-sections in your Wiki, move slides between Wiki sections, and lots of other improvements. 

More media – Our new Wiki lets you record audio directly into your Wiki. You no longer need to use audio software like Audacity or other sound recording equipment. 


We’re joining forces with Multi Me and, for an additional charge, RIX Wiki users will soon be able to add any combination of the following Multi Me tools to their Wiki 


Goals – a step by step approach that helps you get things done  

Calendar – syncs with Goals to help you keep on track 

Circle – build your own online circle of support 

Diary – a great place to record events and share media 

Media – all your media in one place so nothing gets lost 


You can learn more about these tools here: https://www.multime.com/toolkit 


Existing privacy policy and terms and conditions remain unchanged. 


Action for RIX Wiki users

You don’t need to do anything, just keep an eye out for emails from the RIX team in the next few months advising you on the next steps.